2GETHER USA – A National Online Male Couples Project2GETHER is a study of online relationship education for male couples focused on gay men's health. Learn relationship and sexual health skills today!

2GETHER USA is an online relationship education program and research study designed to help male couples navigate the complexities of same-gender loving, queer, bi, and gay men’s health and the health of their relationships. 2GETHER USA looks to provide couples with relationship tools and sexual education to help them strengthen their relationship in the years to come.

What will I do in 2GETHER USA?

2GETHER participants will be asked to complete one of two different relationship programs, both of which focus on sexual and relationship health.

One of the programs is a one time online session, done via video conference with one of our facilitators. Couples will either do HIV testing together or receive medication counseling together.

The other program is a 5 week relationship education course. The first 3 weeks couples will be asked to view three 15 to 20 minute online videos and then participate in online discussion done via video conference. During the final two weeks, couples will meet with one of our facilitators via video conference to help them hone their relationship skills even more. These couples will also receive an HIV test and/or medication counseling.

Participant couples will then be tracked for the following year and will receive surveys at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Around your Baseline and 12 month we will also ask you to complete a couples activity and do free self-administered STI testing; at your year follow-up HIV negative participants will also receive another free at-home HIV test.  As an incentive for participating in the clinical trial of the relationship program, each member of the couple has the potential to make up to $250.

I’m interested. What do I do next?

First you will need to fill out our brief screener survey. The link below will take you to a location filter that will send you to the appropriate project. The screener will ask you to submit your partner’s information. You only need your partner’s first and last name, and their primary email address. We will then send your partner a personalized, confidential link for them to fill out the screener as well. We will then check to see if you are eligible as a couple. If you are deemed eligible, we will give you brief phone call. During the call we will confirm your eligibility for the project, answer any questions you have about participating, and get you started in 2GETHER!


IRB: STU00202802